Cloth diapers...

I am new to the cloth diapering thing. So mommies who cloth diaper, how do you clean them? The diapers that are just wet, do you dry pail or rinse first? Do you rinse before you wash or just wash?

    I bought a kitchen size trash can with a lid, a diaper pail liner-a little to carry to the machine, but not necessary. I used to rinse each diaper as it was changed. Now I soak (start a rinse cycle then just leave the lid open so it doesn't finish) them for at least half an hour in the washing machine with baking soda in the water. Then finish the rinse cycle. A full wash cycle with your detergent, a full wash cycle with about a cup of vinegar (I don't measure, just dump). As long as they don't stink after that, they go in the dryer. If they still stink, then they get another vinegar rinse. Poopy ones get rinsed out before they go in the pail.
      I think Christina could offer some great advice here!
        I always rinse the poopy ones right away and then I was rinsing all of them before I washed them but it just seemed like a lot of waste water and extra work. I think next time I will skip the extra rinse. Thanks ladies :-)
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