Treat severe dry skin with coconut scrub

Severe dry skin can be a real nuisance, especially in the winter. Or, of course as you moms know, washing your hands 77 times a day to make sure baby stays happy and healthy can wreak havoc on your skin. The flaky, ashy, itchy, tight pain in the butt little problem can be solved and prevented though.

I like to use a few different methods to treat severe dry skin.

Keeping hydrated can help but....

My absolute fave which I think I've written about before here on merits sharing again for the new mamas around the block (Oh my gosh, we've gotten HUGE, right?!) Simple little trick I found on Pinterest to have the silkiest, smoothest, need-to-wear-silky-pajama-pants legs ever!

Okay, all you needs is:


A skin enhancing oil...Olive oil, avocado, almond all work.. But my favorite is virgin coconut oil. It's pretty cheap and some Wal-Marts sell it in the food section. It's got antibacterial properties, works great as a lotion... You can even whiten your teeth with it! (I could write a whole article on the benefits and uses on coconut oil alone... It really is great stuff) If you do get this kind, I suggest getting the virgin so it has these properties, plus it still smells like coconut. I've used the regular kind too with success.

A fresh citrus.. Limes, lemons, heck you could probably use grapefruit if that's your gig. Doesn't really matter, just get a fresh one.

That's all you really need but I also like to add a scent with the citrus. I loooove vanilla with lime. Smells like key lime pie. Or you can do peppermint which is super invigorating. Any skin safe essential oils will work too. Just play with it! Lavender citrus is calming and uplifting at the same time and smells like that yummy Yankee candle.

Anyway... Mix that stuff up. Use maybe half a lemon worth of juice, but you can add as much as you want. This works as the acid in this mixture. Make it like an oily paste with the sugar. I usually start with about a cup of sugar.

Now.. For the magic process!

Soak in the bath for a bit... Then scrub your legs up really well with the mixture, rinse. Shave your legs... You shouldn't even need shaving cream because the oil will be there. Scrub them again. Then, where the magic kicks in... Shave them again. You'll probably be amazed at the amount of dead skin gunk your razor will take off after doing this, if your legs are anything like mine. Rinse, tada! Silk pants worthy legs.

If the oil bothers you, you can wash it off in the shower of course (and maybe rinse the gunky bathtub while you're at it, blech) but I like to just leave the oil on. It soaks in pretty quick once you're out and you don't have to use lotion.

To prevent...coconut oil, lol! Just use it when you get out of the shower. I also really like Shea and Cocoa butter lotion. And Curel makes an ultra-dry skin lotion that works great and isn't greasy. It's the only one of the ultra dry skin ones I've found I seem to like.

And for hands... I like Silicone Glove from Avon. It seems to make kind of a shield that locks the moisture in really well.

Okay, mamas! I wanna know what YOU do to prevent dry skin or fix it when you have it. Gotta any cool tricks?

Which essential oils are good for dry skin?

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    Um, I kind of want to eat this.

    The second shaving session really takes off that much? That sounds interesting to try!
    You totally can! I have super chapped, bitten lips and I use the scrub there too, then just lick it off if it's just got the lime and vanilla in it haha. It's actually pretty delicious!
      8Theresa Gould
      That's something we haven't tried and we always have coconut oil in the house.

      Lavender and Frankincense are good for skin issues.
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