Bored? Say what now?

What do I do when I'm bored.... What is this “bored” you speak of? Is that that weird thing that happens when you don't have anything to do? Yeah, can't say I get that feeling, haha!

I seem to always have what feels like a bazillion projects floating on the horizon and there's always stuff to be done on the ones I'm already working on.

Along the same lines though, I do get a lag time during the day, not because I have less stuff to do but just because I feel lethargic. I found some tips online and in the book I use as a guide for time management and project organization (Getting Things Done- Highly recommend it.) It says to have some low-energy projects on standby for those times when you're not feeling that motivated, which I guess is kinda like boredom. The premise is you'll get a lot more done if you're not dragging yourself to do high-energy creative projects during this lethargic phase of the day most people experience. At the same time, you won't be wasting your precious highly creative motivated time doing menial tasks. Best of both worlds.

I'm really trying to implement this, but I struggle with it especially now that my routine has been upended since moving. When I am doing it, it seems to help though.

What would I do with bored time though.. hmm. So many options!!!

I think I'd paint, crochet, or do some other form of art.

Maybe work harder on learning how to use a piano to make something besides straight noise. Or pick up the guitar. Or finally put the songs in my head into digital form because I'd finally learn how to use the software better.

More Coursera or EDX classes, especially the ones that don't deal with career so much as I just enjoy them. Maybe start cryptography again or take jazz appreciation. Spend more time on languages too!

Drink more tea. I really want to start a yixing teapot collection. I love the one I have, but I want all sorts of flavors.

Learn how to become a sommelier. I've heard it's way tough, but how neat! What a great reason to taste (ahem drink) all sorts of wine and visit the wineries for tours!

Get good at taking videos for vlogging.

Play a video game! I love video games, but man can they get time consuming! Gone are the days of finishing the whole game in a day (most of 'em at least) Some of them take hundreds of hours, some never even end. I'd love more time to play. (Anyone know how to become a video game reviewer, lol?)

Spend more time on the trails.. I love the woods and could use some exercise.

Research. I'm a TOTAL dork, I know... But I loooooove to spend hours on the internet just meandering as the subjects lead from one to another, learning about whatever strikes my fancy. I could do this practically all the time. That darn needing to stay focused when there's work to do.

Read more books, both for reviews and just because! I have a mega-queue to get through right now. I'd love to play the Goodreads “String Theory” game... You read a book and take some element from that book to choose your next one. Say, if the authors last name is Green, you could read something named... idk, Green Rainbows... if it has a unicorn in it you could read a book about mythological creatures. Just any thread to link 'em!

What do you do when you're bored?

Do you have time as a mom to get bored?

What would you wanna do if you did get bored?

    Once upon a time, boredom was a thing, but it's not anymore, lol. I actually think my boredom in my youth came from a place of depression, and that when I felt happy and with people, I never felt bored. When I was lonely was when boredom set in. Now, though, I'm a mom, lol, so my chores and spending time with my baby take up all of my time. I do still try to keep up with TV and books on my commute, though!
      I love researching too! Just today I was researching Jackson Galaxy on Wiki, I wanted to know what his birth name was, haha. And then I went to the My Cat From Hell page and got sucked into reading things on there and then OOPS, did an hour pass? Crud!

      I always have a ton of projects going on too. I'm getting ready to either paint or stain this little toilet paper holder in my bathroom. I haven't decided which I want to do. I am still searching for the perfect dresser for my bedroom so I browse the classifieds on Craigslist and Facebook. Oh, and I am going to ramp up my eBay auctions probably Sunday, getting everything together now!
      Time really does fly when you're researching, eh?

      I love doing home projects like that. Pinterest fuels that desire a lot lol. Good luck on finding a dresser!
        Amanda Hurley
        I get bored,but its not true bordome. I just don't want to do what I need to do. I spend hours playing useless mind numbing games on the computer that I can get lost in.
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