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I am a fatshionista! Well, maybe not, but I have come to the point in my life where I do not accept that being plus-sized means that I have to feel ashamed or look bad. I also do not buy into having clothing that does not fit, or buying something with the hopes of it inspiring me to lose weight so it will eventually fit. Nope, I love me now, and I will look great now!

I'm going to start with nursing clothes, as this is my biggest concern lately. I'm still nursing, longer than I expected with no end in sight, and that's okay. Someday, I will look at clothes and not wonder how easily I can get my boobs out of them, but today is not that day. I did the majority of stocking up on nursing bras and camis at Motherhood Maternity. Even when I was pregnant, I was pleasantly surprised by their offerings and their fits. Aside from buying specific nursing camis, I also wear a lot of regular camis from other retailers paired with cardigans, short and/or long-sleeved, most of which I bought at Lane Bryant. That's how I make it work.

Now, for anyone, nursing or not, some of my favorite plus sized clothing retailers are:

DressBarn. Seriously, they have come so far in recent years, and I find that I want to buy about 1/3 of everything they offer every season. I don't, but I'd like to--my Pinterest would prove it! I also appreciate that this is one of the only retailers that still offers plus sizes in stores. If you try on a few things and find the size that fits you, you can go online--I find that their sizing is pretty consistent throughout their lines.

Lane Bryant. A classic standby. I'm not in love with their rising prices, but they do offer some cute looks, and sometimes the sales can bring things back down into the normal range.

Target. Don't over-think it--great for basics. Their standard line goes up to 18 I think, and XXL, and they also have a plus-sized line. Unfortunately, you may have to go online for a lot of this store's offerings, but so many stores are going that way. A sad truth for the plus-sized shopper.

Old Navy. Moved their plus-sized selections online in the past five years. Sad. I personally would prefer the quality of Target over Old Navy, as most of my Old Navy clothing tends to rip quickly and easily. However, they do offer some decent style selections at a great price point.

Torrid. Aimed at a youthful market, this store also has really upped it's game in style selections. A lot of super-cute offerings, a good size range, walks the line of being a bit more hardcore, stylewise.

If you're near NYC, be sure to visit Lee Lee's Valise, too! I've never been there, but it's supposed to be amazing.

Some fancier online stores:

Igigi--bought my wedding dress here for under $300!
Kiyonna--another place for great dresses.
LucieLu--often has great sales and progressive styles.

And finally, many plus-sized women also face the difficulty of wide feet. I'm going to share my favorite secret store--Marmi Shoes. This shoe store is pricey, even for me, but I have such trouble buying shoes. I usually save up and buy one pair a season, but the fit and quality is the best. I found this store in person in NYC, and I'm hooked.

Moms Expertise
    I love your list, except for Target. They are taking away their plus sized sections and minimizing it to two or three racks in the stores now. One of the girls I know contacted corporate about it and supposedly got the answer that they are going to be pushing online sales for their plus sized division. If that is true then they need to fire their marketing manager. Plus sized ladies generally do not like to buy clothes online.

    My go to stores are Old Navy and Lane Bryant. I love love love LB for bras! Old Navy is great for casual wear.
    It's just happening so much lately. I've heard about Target minimizing their plus selections for over a year now, and it's really discouraging. There's been a lot of misinformation about it, too, that they are redesigning, but after this long, that doesn't appear to be the case. Still, though, I include them because Old Navy did the same thing not too long ago and got away with it.
      8Theresa Gould
      Thanks for the suggestions! I really need to do some clothes shopping. I hate shopping for clothes because of my size. I appreciate your attitude!
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