discipline. old school.

if you dont spank your child then your spoiling them. Its talking about physically spanking your child as discipline. I was raised this way,called old school and i turned out just fine. I mind my manners, i watch my language,i watch what i wear. I also respect my elders. Love my country and flag,and dont mind hard work due to my upbringing. Im proud to have been raised old school. No it doesnt mean your beating your child,or that its child abuse, its just discipline. Most of us raised old school dont get into trouble like alot of these kids do these days. Time out doesnt work. Talking to them doesnt work. Taking away things dont work. Believe me i know from experience with my own son. Im not saying that the children who arent disciplined old school are in trouble or bad. Im just saying more children behave better raised old school. My son is 18 years old and he minds me and watches his language and manners. Never late to school,hardly absent from school,behaved in school, and made good grades in school. I had hardly any trouble out of him. He even helps with chores and errands around the house. Shares with family. He is a great kid. Not your typical teenager. Im glad he isnt a typical teenager. Not being mean,rude , or judging, just stating my opinion due to experience. Im also a Christian lady.

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