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During the type when I was pregnant with Ivy... I notice that my sexual desire has went away. Joe say I was beautiful and sexy, but I found out a lot of stuff he been doing that I feel like I just wanna leave him alone and never want to get married to him. I am not horny or feeling like I should be sexy. Joe is acting like he don't wanna help me around and it like hard for him to even look for a job. I am multitasking and my own dad and sister is looking at me and thinking that he need to wake up before I leave him. I got a lot to do and he want sex like we used to, but we have a daughter now....

I just saying what should I do and I need support really bad...

    100% going through same thing, just a little aged of you.
    My sexual desire is still very very low.
    He finally finally got a job.
    My family still looks down their noses at us (Just know, it will always happen. They do as like "harsh love" to "encourage" us to get our lives on track. It just stresses us out.)
    Make time for dates or alone times. You'll remember why he loved you :)
    All men get lazy. Gary is very lazy with helping me, makes me feel like I am a burden when I ask for help.

    But everything WILL be okay. Try to ignore family and brush what they say off. It will come to you. Just do what is right for your family now! Just like, looking for your phone frantically until you give up exhausted and angry; sitting down then you go "oh there it is duh!" As you spot it in plain sight (lol maybe that's just me). Think of that phone as your happy ending. Stop stressing and sit down :) let it come to you. I know it will be hard and they both will test your strength but girl, you have it in you! That lioness, that superwoman is in there! She will hold you together even when you are on your knees praying it be over already. You'll still manage to find your feet and carry on. All moms have that strength, that's what makes us qualified to be a parent. If we didn't have that strength, gosh help our children XD would they even function properly? Lol
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        Take a good hard look at him. Do you see yourself spending your life with him exactly how he is now? I say to think about that because you cannot and will not change a person. You will drive yourself crazy trying to do that. So, do you accept him for everything he is, good bad and ugly?

        It sounds like you don't, and in your heart you already know it. You said he did some things that you are obviously reacting too emotionally and physically. I can tell you when I lost my sex drive I thought it was all me, but in retrospect I know it wasn't, at all. It was my body responding to what my mind knew.
        To be honest.. I see us breaking up and me with a job helping my daughter and myself out, because the way he act now he say he loved him but other him is hateful toward me. before the beginning of this year I four out that a girl he meet from college was trying to get him alone and want to have sex with him. I look at the text message thinking nothing going to happen, but it been going for 4 months.. That 3 days during the month of October before my birthday. He was suppose to sign up to be a police man. I found out that he been going to Pierce college spending time with people and I am home with Ivy. I do accept him, but the hateful is ruining our family, He will not let him hang out with other females, because he think they want to have sex with me or just want to try to hurt me. I keep telling him that Ivy need a friend so I can have my time. Is the same old argument we been doing for the past 2 years... To me he play me like a fool.. he was nice to me and then start going all mean and hurting my feeling on purpose to see me weak... Now I starting not to care for him, only for Ivy.
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