The Balancing Act

It is so hard to balance husband, kids, work, house work, the list goes on and on. I want to do more activities with the kids and my husband but I'm so tired. I try to even get up extra early in the morning to get a moment to myself and cleaning done.... Sometime that thought is out the door the baby is up my husband is up Im like really, yall up now just go back to sleep. It's like they have a sensor "she's up, she's up, let's all get up". I'm so tired where or when does the balancing act kick in?

    Its really hard but it will get easier I promise. It took me till my son was just over 2 years old but even then being a single mom its gets rough with work and him and cleaning and errands and he wakes up super early. Once you get a rhythm going it will soon fall into place. Maybe so you can catch up some rest ask your husband at least once or twice a week to let you catch up on sleep that way you'll have more energy to be able to do more activities with them all.
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