I fell....

I was standing on bathroom sink. Don't ask why lol. Stupid story. I went to step down on the (closed) toilet to get down. My foot got caught on my pajama bottoms and I fell... I landed on the bathtub and the toilet.
I saw my life flash before my eyes. I just thought. Holy shit I could have broke my back and died!! My heart was in my throat for hours as I tried to function without crying. I walked in circles whimpering through the pain in my back, arms and leg.

Still my arm hurts to hold things, may have hurt the ligament.... And I can't sleep because my lower back hurts and ligament (I think) in my collar bone hurts but that hurts sometimes, may have hurt it worse. Maybe It's fully pinched now, that's why it's hurtin more than normal.

I was so scared. No one was around. My baby was asleep luckily. First thing I did was call Gary..... He didn't answer :( he is still asleep too. Or at work.
I was terrified and needed a friend but all I had was my pain.... Reminded me so much of my past.... I hate being alone, in physical and emotional pain.

Sorry just wanted someone to know what happened to me today.... I'm still crying and this was 5 hours ago....

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