What do you consider spoiloing?

I didn't get a lot when I was kid my parents couldn't afford it and im okay with that. I want to give my child everything I can but I don't want to spoil him either cause I don't want him to grow up with an attitude of I get everything. What's your opinions?

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    I love how you put this!
      Melissa Middleton
      When a child becomes ungrateful, rude, disrespectful, and begins to rule the parents, then the child is considered spoiled, especially if they demand things and then expect them to be given and the parents or parent give in to their wants and demands.
      If they have a lot of toys, even pricey ones, but they are willing to share with others, treat their stuff with respect, do not expect to get their way or do not demand things and they are grateful for what they have, than that isn't spoiled.

      If one doesn't correct a child's unruly behavior, problems will arise to the point the child is out of control.
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