Hoping for a cool weekend

...because our air conditioner is broken. We discovered that it wasn't working Tuesday night, scheduled the service on Wednesday, and had a technician look at it on Thursday . That was a debacle in itself.

We googled and found a company and scheduled the service window from 8a-11a. I called at 11:20a after there was no call or visit, and the dispatch said that the technician was stuck on a service call and had no idea when he would be finished. She asked to reschedule. I said that's fine, except that I had an appointment and would be gone from 1:30p to 3:30p. They said they would schedule around that, and that was fine...until I went to my appointment and the technician left a note on our door that he came in the middle of it and we weren't home. I called him back, as he left his number, and he told me that they could maybe fit us in for service tomorrow. I was livid, and so was my husband, so we called the main office and told them not to bother. The owner called us back, apologized, and asked how he could help, and I answered that I would just appreciate if we could have service today. He sent someone else out, and that technician said that our motor was broken and needed to be replaced. He said he would call us the next day (Friday) with price estimates.

Friday comes and goes, no call. I called for a status update, and the main office receptionist said that she would try to call me back by the end of the day with the information...and I received no call.

So here we are at the weekend with no air conditioner. I just hope the DC summer is mild until we get it repaired. Ugh.

    Oh no!! I will pray for cool weather for you guys. Do you have any family or friends with air conditioning you could visit?? Maybe it's time for you guys to go visit the Smithsonian ;)
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