Night Terrors

There is SOMETHING that triggers night terrors. It could be the smallest thing. My oldest daughter, something jumping out at her would trigger a night terror. My son would hear squirrels on the roof and have them. My two year old has yet to have a night terror. if your child is having them, find out what s scaring them. Pay close attention to books, cartoons, noises at bed time, shapes made from shadows from a night light. Or just what a toy or something looks like in the dark. It is probably something you wouldn't think about, but to their little mind, it is something scary.

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    This is helpful. I read once that scary adult shows can cause them too.
      Dealing with night terrors is so hard. I know Mason had them for awhile and he had so much trouble distinguishing between dreams and reality. He had a recurring dream where the entire family was being chased and Daddy and I left him. We hated that one because even once he was awake and we were holding him saying we would never leave him, he would cry and cry saying "but you DID leave me!" :'(
      oh poor honey! That is rough. I had night terrors the whole time I was growing up.
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