Description of my emotions when I was pregant

1st Trimester- I cried A LOT and took peoples comments too much to heart

2nd Trimester- I still cried, but not as much, people were TICKING ME OFF. I remember being annoyed by their comments.

3rd Trimester- I cried some, but not too often. I found people's comments funny and would just laugh (not in front of them ;)

    isn't it crazy how much our hormones can change our attitude?!
      When I finally could eat again my mom took me to Long John Silvers one day while we were out. We went through the drive through and I don't like seafood so I ordered a two piece chicken meal.

      They kept repeating it back as fish, she went back and forth like three times with the person clarifying "No, chicken not fish. A two piece chicken meal."

      Now, understand I am usually laid back and polite, probably almost to a fault. But being pregnant I had the patience of a.. well I had none.

      I am ashamed to admit I cursed at the drive through person.

      "I don't want any effing (except the real word) fish! It's CHICKEN!"

      This has become a running joke, lol. I can't believe I did that.
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