Nursing through pregnancy

Nursing through pregnancy is doable. However it is not easy. I nursed Audrey through my pregnancy with Hayden, and then nursed both girls for a few months after Hayden was born until Audrey decided she was ready to wean.

My biggest struggle was making sure I got enough nutrients. The fetus will take everything they need first, whatever is left over from that will go towards making breastmilk, and when that's done your body will get the rest. For a few weeks I felt very weak and tired because my body was not getting enough nutrients since they were all being used elsewhere. After talking with a nutritionist and my OB I was able to find a diet full of nutrient dense foods that worked for us and let me continue to breastfeed throughout my pregnancy.

Have you ever breastfed through a pregnancy? Is it something you would consider doing?

BethSummerville, South Carolina
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    I know it's doable, and one of my good friends did it. I also breastfed all 3 kids but had absolutely no interest in continuing breastfeeding to when I was pregnant with the next child. To me, breast-feeding is for the baby. Each child got their turn, and then they had to move on to the next phase.
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