Potty Training: My child will only go with me

If your child will only use the bathroom with one person (you or someone else) I'd suggest working on a slow transition to help them start feeling comfortable going with someone else. It may be that different people have a different routine, so have the person they prefer and the person you want them to be comfortable with both go together. For the first few times, have the "regular" person be in control of the situation, then have the new person be in control and have the regular person just be an observer. As your child gets used to the new person, the regular person can slowly stop being involved until the child is comfortable with both people. Eventually, you can probably even change the routine and it won't be as big of an issue

Anybody else deal with this and have tips?

BethSummerville, South Carolina
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    Maybe the person who the child is comfortable with can give tips to those who could use it? I say that because my son would kind of freak out if you made a big deal about him using the potty, praise or not. He hated it. I literally just had to go "Oh, you used the potty? Make sure you flush." and treat it like it was no big deal at all. That's not the norm for kids though, usually they like it when you get excited over stuff like this. Not my kiddo.
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