Teacher under fire

This article shares a voicemail a teacher left for one of her students' parents. In the voicemail she left a standard message, but forgot to hang up the phone and says "He has no common sense. He was 7 in May, and he's the biggest baby in my group. She still probably wipes his butt." to one of her colleagues or someone else in the room. The mother has (rightfully so, in my opinion) pulled her son from the class and the principal has publicly apologized. This teacher is still getting heat all over the internet and on the news channels.

What do you think? Clearly she is entitled to her opinion, and just made a really stupid mistake by not checking to be sure she hung up the phone. Does this teacher deserve to be continuously berated or is enough enough and it's time for the media to let it go? How would you feel if your child's teacher left a message like that on your phone?

Full article linked below :)

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