Car loan questions

Luke is trying to buy a vehicle and needs a co signer. He doesn't want to have a co signer and his credit isn't the best but could be worse. We have talked about him taking a loan out with our bank. But do we have other options to try and get a loan?

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    Car loans are so grrrr. Check with your local banks and credit unions and tell them your situations. A lot of these big interest loans can be avoided simply by paying off some of your bad credit. Banks want to loan to you, they make money off of you. So they will help, you just have to ask! But I would say avoid those buy here pay here places. In the end you end up spending soooo much more than the car is worth.
      Thanks ladies, we are going to try and sell my car to use for a down payment. we don't really need more than one where he works 6 days a week. But we do need something bigger where we travel allot, have a small dog and a baby on the way. His bad debts are all payed off except for about 400.00 and he has been in good standing with his bank for over 8 years. I'm hoping that will help!
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