She's so fancy, you already know...

It seems like our culture really perpetuates this diva type of mentality in our girls, which I truly hate. It's not a confidence booster, it's teaching them to be demanding and unlikable.

So, how do you get rid of the diva tendencies? You don't give in to them at all. You call the child out on behavior that is unkind or dramatic. You don't allow behavior that reeks of entitlement.

Oh, and that line in my title is from a song, a pop song that our girls have most likely heard unless you don't allow music in your home, lol. It's a song about how hard she worked, but the reality is her attitude (Iggy Azalea) leaves a lot lacking.

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    It's just not a good way to raise a child. Period. Kids need to learn to be self reliant so they can be self reliant adults. What was it.. I saw an infographic on facebook once. In the first screen it was mommy dressing up her daughter in everything princess. In the second it was mommy picking out clothes that "the boys at school" would like. In the third it was mommy with a sweet 16 cake and a pregnant daughter.

    That may be extreme (or maybe not) but it does show the reality of not teaching your daughter (and son) what's right and wrong from the very beginning.
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