New Car...

I think that once my husband comes home from his ship, I'm going to try to convince him to get a new car. Not necessarily "new" but replace this one...this is the third time in just a few months that it's had some sort of expensive problem, lol. It's just a 2004 Dodge Neon, and it's not a bad car, but it'd be nice to have something different, or a little bigger...maybe something that won't have to be towed to the nearest Pep Boys...again.

I'm not sure...maybe something bigger, like a minivan or something, lol. Something that I don't have to squeeze into to get Nina into her Carseat, or with some more room so that when we get our dog it can come along more comfortably and we can go on walks in a park or something. If we had a van, I could put my bike and Nina's trailer in the trunk/back area and not have to worry about a bike rack. Overall, though, something a little bigger that won't break down in two months!

I took it for an oil change this morning and to have it checked on, since we drove from Florida to Missouri then to Virginia, through mountains and poo, and I didn't expect too much to be wrong...since we had literally had it fixed before moving, lol! There's something wrong with the emergency brake, the brake that deals with the back right tire is messed up, again (this is what we just spent 600 bucks on a month ago to have fixed) so the tire might sieze up and they consider the car "Unsafe to Drive"...sigh
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