Kids in bars

I'm so against kids in bars. I'm out of town this weekend so I'm working in public. Luckily the bar that people told me had wifi did not, so I'm at a pizza place instead. Charlie likes all of the big screen tv's and mirrors everywhere, but I'm not off until 9pm and I know I'll get some looks.

Have you ever taken your child somewhere and gotten weird looks about it?

    4Santana Ferrell
    No kids in bars... Exception being the VFW because it is considered a family club and only when out of town visiting my mom
      I agree. Here in Montana it happens a lot. I don't even know what the law is really. I think it has something to do with if the establishment serves food or not.. then it's not technically considered a bar.. something like that.

      I'm just not comfortable with it. I was relieved when the bartender at the first place said they didn't have wifi. It was kind of a dive. lol somewhere I probably would have loved to be on a Saturday night years ago... funny how things change.
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