How to buy baby bottles and nipples

We look back and laugh at how naive we were when buying bottles. I honestly thought you just walk in and buy what's cute and that's all. Ohhhh I was so wrong. Charlie had a hard time gaining weight when he was born and after weeks and weeks of trying the breastfeed thing, it just didn't happen. Even after switching to formula he wasn't gaining what the doc wanted. We tried a new nipple. EUREKA! I couldn't believe that something like changing the bottle and nipple could have been an issue. It just wasn't something I knew. We went to the store, bought one of each kind and tried them all. The Gumdrops brand is what worked the best for Charlie. They also make matching pacifiers so it was a good transition from binki to bottle and back to binki again.

They make all kinds of nipples and bottles nowadays. Ones for gasiness, ones for comfort, fast flow, slow flow, ones that are made to look/feel more like mama. Buy a couple and see what works best for your baby.

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