So.. I had one of those...

Put your lunch in a grocery bag (why can't I just get one of those cute little decorative lunch bags like everyone else?)

Makes my clothes (I really want some Guess Jeans.... Yet here I sit in burgundy polyester bellbottoms)

Pull up in a brown station wagon (please park down the block)

Hates sleepovers because of my "nightgown" (all the other kids have matching tops and bottoms!)

and....the bra.. dear lord the bra... I wore those boxed ones. You know the ones. They were so hideous. Never did I own something purple with dots or bows until I bought my own.

It wasn't until way into my adulthood that I realized I was lucky for the things I had. Not unlucky for the things I didn't.

I digress. I hated bra shopping and this author hits it on the head. Moms DO walk in at the wrong times. Has your daughter started wearing a bra yet? How do you feel about Rosalind's advice for this milestone?

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