, of course!

My favorite mom's site is definitely Nothing else compares! First... of course I love the people! There's none of the silliness that seems to be rampant on some of the other sites. Everyone here seems to be pretty well informed and respectful of one another's opinions and choices. Even if recommendations are made, everybody seems to be receptive and go on about their lives. Take it or leave it kind of friendliness and assistance. None of that don't tell me what to do, of course IIIII know best drama. I guess it's actually like a group of women whereas some other places seem to be, well, girls.

But I also really like that it's not a forum... It doesn't get hung up on a single thread that everyone is talking about. The conversation is always flowing. It updates you on the important stuff, so you're not browsing endlessly trying to see if things you care about have happened.

I may only be an angel-baby mama so far, but I know when my time comes, I've got this awesome group of ladies to turn to. And when I learn my own tips and tricks to take care of babies, I can't wait to pass them on to moms after me since I've learned so much from you ladies!

Viva la!

Moms Expertise has been wonderful in helping me jump start and continue this excitement of becoming a brand new mom. I know that I can share my experiences on here without thinking that someone is going to roll their eyes and think "she's talking about her pregnancy again? her baby again?" I really appreciate all you moms out there (angel mommas, 4-legged animal mommas, earth mommas etc) for your encouragement and insight!
      I love I was really skeptical at first, but now I feel like this is a place that I can come to to help others, and in return, be helped as well! I'm always learning something from the site and other mommies! I also love reading different stories and experiences. I even like seeing different opinions even if I don't necessarily agree with them. I know I'm able to offer my opinion without there being any drama. :) Love!
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