can't I catch a break?

Recovering well from my hernia surgery and my infected foot.

Husbands mom is a pain in my ass she is never wrong. But ever since the baby has came into the world she just makes excuses because she refuses to smoke outside. The whole time I was pregnant we went to visit her and I sat in her smoke filled house. And in allergic to CIG smoke. Johnny smokes out side, my parents smoke outside. She refuses to just smoke outside for a couple hours before we come over. So then I would try to meet her at McDonalds and she always made excuses to not leave her house. She didn't come to my baby shower and she acted like it killed her to come to our wedding. This women trys to tell our friends and other family members that we keep the baby from her. Which we don't. Luckily I have a great husband and he stood up for me today. But now I am sure we won't be hearing from her too much. Its a shame that Elizabeth will not have her mawmaw barb in her life. But sorry if someone wants to see her they know where to find us. *end rant*

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