Feeling pregnant, but I'm not... Or am I?

Well, that's the question of the month, huh? Am I pregnant? Am I crazy? Are my hormones just going nuts? Did I get a bad test? Did I ovulate late? Is it just stress? Am I one of a small number who starts premenopause really early?! I know you other TTC ladies have been there, I'd wager more than once.

There's been many a month I've felt pregnant when I wasn't... especially before I was first pregnant. After KNOWING the signs of pregnancy for my own body for certain, I thought that'd make this easier. WRONG-O. Now the questions have just been added... But all pregnancies are different, maybe this is a sign! Is this a symptom I didn't get last time? Maybe this is a boy and that was a girl! And vice versa. TTC can play with a girl's brain, I tell ya.

Well, I'm there right now. I've had a few bouts of nausea, which is pretty normal pre-period for me. Swollen boobs? Check. But they aren't sore.... They always get sore before my period. And my nipples have taken on that blueish purple tinge. My cervix feels soft and engorged. Plus, I'm craving fruity yogurt which was constant when I was pregnant time before last. No cramps or anything. I do have the desire to get things done which tends to happen right before my period... Does anyone else get this?! It's every month for me.

And I'm SO emotional. Like... Wow. I had to do that look at the ceiling so tears don't come out thing during Undercover Boss. Are you kidding me, lol? I want to cry when I see something pretty in nature and have to blink back tears. What IS this?

The pregnancy test? Negative.

My period might be delayed for the simple fact that it was a stressful month. I started my last period the day I found out my best friend died, about a month ago... So, there's been everything with that which I imagine could easily screw up my cycle.

Sometimes my cycle gets weird in general... For a while I only had my period ever 6-6.5 weeks, but my cycle has been shorter in recent months.

I still have another test, so I will wait a while and take it if AF doesn't show.

But, for now, my puffy cervix still has me hopeful, because that almost never happens. Fingers crossed, prayers, good vibes, please? I know it'll all work out for the best.

What about you ladies? Have you had those months where you thought you were pregnant but you weren't?

What about vice versa...you thought you weren't pregnant but you were?

And seriously.. Does anyone else get a surge of productivity at any point in their cycle consistently?

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