Breastfeeding question.

Alright ladies I have a question, I am breastfeeding but finding myself adding a few formula bottles into the day. I have a low supply when we first wake up and have our morning feed so there is always a formula bottle. I had a great supply and had milk built up in te fridge but baby got sick and ended up using it when I had to come home for the other kids. I use fenugreek and drink mothers tea. But if I don't drink the tea then I don't have an abundant supply. I want my supply in my freezer back so I have it for my other two kids who loves it. Please any advice is great. This is my first time being able to actually feed as much as I do. He's 3months if that helps any.

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    I do eat oatmeal and put it in cookies I drink plenty of water. First baby I was young and had little to no idea on anything second baby I got pregnant when he was two months so I had to stop bf and I'm really wanting to bf until he wants no more. I'm gunna try the cookies and see how that goes.
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