Moms being "selfish"

Over the years I have found it slightly amusing what people think is "selfish" for mothers to do. For instance, if you chose to go back to work then you are selfish for leaving your newborn with a caregiver. If you want a girls night out you are selfish for trying to hold onto having a life outside of your baby. If you bottle feed you are selfish for not breastfeeding. If you don't co sleep you are selfish for wanting your bed to yourself.

Keep in mind, I don't agree with these thoughts, it's simply an observation.

I love my children to my very core and can't imagine life without them. But I have never thought it was good for any of us to lose who I am in the midst of being a mother. This is what works for me. I could not function with becoming everyone's everything and having nothing left for myself.

What are your thoughts on the topic?

    Melissa you hit the nail on the head totally 100%. But sometimes you have to think of yourself and not care what others say.
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