how did you spice your sex life after baby

i know some woman might be a little unhappy with their body after preg . So what you do too keep you man intrested.

    This may sound terrible but the good thing about men is that they just like sex. It is not hard to keep them interested. The hard part is keeping yourself interested. If your husband wants to have sex with you then that means he is interested, take confidence from that. Let it encourage you to feel better about yourself.
    Also some men after baby worry about initiating sex. There is a lot of fear on their part because they don't want to hurt you or push you into something your body isn't ready for. It might be up to you to initiate sex the first few times. Or talk to him and let him know that it is ok for him to initiate. Men have an almost overwhelming fear of rejection. If he thinks there is a chance of getting rejected he is less likely to try. It's always best to communicate to him that you are ready.
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