A good day but sad day

So my husband chris and i had planned on visiting his grandparents as we were told it was not going to be much longer for his grandpa who suddenly got ill real fast. In the last few weeks he was taken by ambulance for a lot of stuff.
So we planned on not taking the kids and just visiting, going for a walk and out to eat. After we got back i would go grocery shopping.
Well we woke and i made breakfast, eggs and toast along with fruit an glass of milk. I got ready as my mom would becoming to watch kids at 9:30.
Just as i was cleaning up chris comes to me and says grandpa passed away last night an hr after he got off the phone with his dad. So i said do u not want to do anything. He said no we will continue our plans just not visit them as they have stuff to do now.
So we left at 10am, we went for a walk along old railroad tracks that his other grandpa took him on as kid. After that we went to visit his other grandma and she was happy to see us and even showed us old wedding photos of her wedding and wedding she stood up in. After an hr there we went for lunch and from there we went grocery shopping. My bill came to a 222 dollars after our discount card and my coupons and 4dollard cash we only spent 182.
We came home after that and i put food away, kids were down for nap. Now soon they will wake up and we will have left over chilli for dinner.

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    Not as close as his other grandpa who we named our oldest son after.
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