How to get a toddler (almost 2 years old) to sleep in his own room?

I have just moved to a bigger house with my son, and now he has his own room. Prior to the move, he used to sleep in the same room and same bed as me (due to lack of space in the bedroom for another bed). Now, he won't sleep alone (though sometimes, he'll sleep in his own bed), and won't stay in his own room. Any suggestions to fix that?

    I don't have a child that age yet.. but when Charlie went from our room to his, I let him fall asleep wherever he was, then moved him into the nursery. If he woke up we'd stay there until he fell asleep. It seemed to me that him waking up in his own room was key. There were some nights that we cheated because we were just too tired, but I think at your childs age, consistency is going to be key. Good luck!
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