Pelvic pressure during pregnancy

At around 30 weeks or so I started getting really bad pain in my pelvic area. After talking to my OB, who said it was perfectly normal, she said it was SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction). It's pretty much when the ligaments in that area start to soften up preparing for the birth of baby. While it's common, it's not fun. At all. Some women experience it early, some later and some none at all. The best tips to combat it are to keep your legs together as much as possible. When getting out of bed, swing both legs at the same time over the bed, not one at a time. Sit down to put your pants or other clothes on. I made that mistake one time, as standing on one leg causes severe pain. Lastly, a heated rice bag held against that region was the biggest help to me. Temporary, but a major help.

Be sure to talk to your doctor about any severe pain. Some women who experience extreme cases of SPD are advised against laying on their backs with their knees up while giving birth. Luckily, once baby is born the condition will subside very quickly. Mine was gone a week after having Charlie.

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