pickles and ice cream

Does eating ice cream and pickles mean I'm pregnant? For about the last week I've really enjoyed eating bread and butter pickles and waffle cone ice cream. I've not put them in the same container just eating them side by side. the last time I ate pickles was when I was pregnant with baby #3 and I only ate 3/4 of the jar but never with ice cream. So far I've eaten 3 jars of pickles and can't seem to get enough.

dianeSylva, North Carolina
    Your body might just be craving certain minerals and vitamins from the food you've chosen, although those are random combination of foods. Have you tooken a pregnancy test yet?
    No I've not tested. Our car is in the shop for transmission issues so I'm not going to the store like I used to. We are borrowing a car from a friend but it also doesn't run very well.
      Hey all, no test but AF showed up today so there is no need for a test. I will hopefully have better luck next month.
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