Bumpers or NO???

As of now we do NOT have a bumper in Owens' crib. I am so afraid that he will scoot to it roll to it and suffocate!!! BUT now that he is starting to move in his crib his lil arms and legs are getting stuck in the spaces between the "bars" I feel so bad and its really startling waking up to him screaming in pain...

What can I do?

Has anyone used the breathable bumpers?

Or have any other ideas?

    I made one for Tristen because. He was always getting stuck. The breathable ones seem pretty cool.
      I used bumpers for my first and he still got his legs and arms stuck in the slats of the crib. It is pretty easy for them to get up under the bumper or even squish it down and get over it.

      Bumpers have no proven benefits, they do not reduce the risk of injury.
        Tristen learned very quickly how to lift it up. He did stop getting stuck, I don't know if he figured out how to get unstuck or he just lost interest in sticking his limbs through. Lol
          We didn't use any bumpers, I hear the breathable mesh kind are safer but its not for me.
            I had 2 bumpers 1 as a present and the other one in a bedding set I ordered because I liked the comforter.Bumpers was a very BAD idea in every baby book ,magazine or baby website I read.I think ,for my experience,I got a little paranoid,but at the same time I could not comprehend why the manufactures are still offering the option to even get the bumpers.I felt bad to seeing my girl her arms and legs getting stuck between the rails too,I use it now and she is doing great.The first nights I checked on her to see how she does it,I think the breathable bumpers are a good option,there is another kind you put on each rail,if you can afford it,it's pricey though.
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