What I desire most

What do I desire most? Oh man, do I have to pick just one thing? That's mega hard...

I'm not going to babble on about world peace and ending world hunger and animal abuse. I think most all of us want those things. So, I'm just going to cover the more selfish sides of the spectrum.

I want a happy little (or big, I'm not picky) family. I mean close with my parents, my in-laws... A happy, satisfied husband. Maybe a few rugrats crawling around. A house we can call our own and fill with books cuddle up and read on rainy days.

I want to write books and create art. I want it to mean something or at least foster thought. I want to keep learning, about anything and everything. I think curiosity is one of the sweet spices of life.

I want a healthy body, and I want to take care of it better. I want to eat good food (I love to cook) and learn all the ancient remedies and homeopathic ones and meditate and exercise and just have a calm, healthy body.

I want to always work for myself, and always be passionate about it. I want to make sure the work I do is enjoyable and means something. I want to help others with what I do- teaching, speaking, promoting, whatever... I just want to have a positive impact on others while maintaining my freedom and integrity.

I want to travel the world... I don't mean just the big sights like the Eiffel Tower and stuff, though that'd be cool too. I want to go and visit the places off the map. I want to immerse myself in the culture, live with and like the locals for weeks or months or maybe even years. I want to go on a Vippisanna Buddhist Retreat in Thailand. I want to do Yoga with a guru in India. I want to see Socotra Island. And so, so much more. I want to absorb as much culture as I can and see the connections that are there in all of us. I want to know more than what it is to be American, I want to know what it means to be HUMAN. Oh, and I want to go to SPACE!!! I think the Universe is just amazing and I would love to see the stars in space... maybe even another planet's surface?!

Oh, and when the Singularity hits, I also kinda want to be a cyborg, lol.

What do YOU desire most?

Moms Expertise
    I wish my husband were happy. He's not, he's overworked and stressed, and I don't know how to help him. We're quite different people--he puts a lot of value on money and materials, and it makes him honestly unhappy that he doesn't have what he wants. If my husband were happy, I think I would cry or something, lol.
      Danielle Keltner
      I want to inspire others and be a better artist. I'm always trying to learn and improve. I don't want to be good at what I do, I want to be great. Not just for myself, but for my children. Show them that there is always something to learn. <3 Hoping to teach at a local center soon if I can find a sitter or my husband has a more "regular" work schedule.
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