Ah back to the daily grind...

Put the weekend coffee away and pulled out the weekday coffee. (Yes, I have weekend and weekday coffee) Now it's back to the daily grind...or ground. Hahaha uhm...maybe I need more coffee.
I've been working with Tristen the last few days trying to teach him more words. We were counting earlier...and even though he can't say the entire words yet, he is at least trying and that makes this mommy proud of her boy.

    I love watching him learn new things. It's so funny because we only count to three but when we get to three he starts clapping and grinning from ear to ear. Hopefully I can always keep him so excited to learn.
    My weekday coffee is a bold intense dark roast coffee. It wakes you up from the first drink. You're ready to start the day as soon as it hits your mouth.
    The weekend coffee is a dark roast as well but it is way more mild, almost sweet with a bit of chocolate flavor. Way less intense and sort of eases you into the morning since the weekends are more relaxed.
    Lol I get mine from Winco. I buy the whole beans and grind it at home :-)
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