Nine Top Fertility Mistakes...Solved!

I know there are a lot of Mommas here trying to conceive right now so when I saw this article I thought I'd share! These nine mistakes aren't hard to fix at all:

1. Freaking out about getting fpregnant
2. Over (or under) doing "it"
3. Turning to fancy products like douches or lubricants
4. Not looking into problems with your man's fertility
5. Relying on "good enough" math to predict ovulation
6. Trying to stay on schedule (I.e. not giving yourself time to get pregnant)
7. Moving around too much after sex
8. Ignoring your "crazy" health worries
9. Living it up before baby with alcohol, smoking, or drugs.

***Sending Baby Dust to all the Mommas to be out there***…

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      While I am VERY fortunate that I did not have any fertility issues with my 3 kids, I think that if I had, I would have found this article to be a bit condescending. It's easy to say don't freak out, but hard to do. While I don't disagree necessarily with the point they are making, I'm not sure I'd find this uplifting/helpful if I were in a position of having fertility issues. But maybe that's just me...
      I get what you're saying. If you have real fertility issues this article isn't going to help, and it might make you feel worse. I think this is mostly for people who have been trying for a little while and aren't getting results or are just starting TTC and want to know what could improve their chances. It's just some things they can try in order to have more success. Personally, if I was frustrated with how long it was taking to get pregnant I'd be more then happy to look into some of the things they listed.
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