1 Year old temper tantrums

Avery's first temper tantrum was quite a surprise to me. I mean, sure, she's cried before. but this was the first time she cried because something wasn't going the way she wanted. I don't know exactly what she wanted. I was just sitting there and she came up to me whining. I picked her up and she starting crying and kicking. I put her down and she fell on her back kicking and crying. Nothing I did helped so I just let her lay there. In a minute she calmed down and started sucking her fingers. Then I picked her up and cuddled with her.

I don't think you can use traditional time outs with a one year old because they're too little to understand what's happening. I think it's best to just let them get their frustrations out and ignore them. That way they learn that kind of behavior doesn't get them any attention. Of course, always make sure they're isn't actually something wrong like being hungry, tired, or uncomfortable.

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