Feeling acomplished

So far i accomplished alot today and the day is just half over.
I fed kids breakfast, walked haiden over to summer school and walked back home with other two.
Vince and logan had snack while i got load of wash in washer.
I put vince down for nap and put logan in his room. During this time i cleaned haidens room, took his bed sheets off to wash, and steamed vacumed his rug. I went downstairs and threw his blanket in wash and then did the dishes. Once all that was done i took a half hr to myself and had a snack and took a nap.
After i woke up from nap, i went and cleaned logans room, and change his bed sheets, steam vacumed his rug.
After all that i fed vince his bottle, made lunch. Once lunh was over we walked back to the school to get haiden. On the way home we stopped at a park but only stayed a about 10mins as logan said he had to poop. So we walked back home which left a mad haiden and more angry logan as he didnt want to leave to go to bathroom. Got home took him to bathroom and he didnt end up going so we just played in yard for the last half hr.
I came in with vince, got haidens bed made while vince was screaming as he was tired. Told the other two to come in for quite time before nap. I then changed vince, put cartoons on, and rocked vince.
At 1pm i put vince down for his afternoon nap, and followed by the other the boys.
Now i am resting before i fold laundry, change laundry, make dinner earlier cuz logan has swim lessons tonight. I also
Want to get our room cleaned and our bed sheets washed. I am even going to attempt to make another batch of strawberry jam

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    Whats your address lol.
    Fresh or store boughten strawberries from the carton, lemon juice from real lemon, and sugar.
    I cut up the strawberries small and then once i got the amount i want i mash the strawberries. Once their mashed into smaller pieces i put on stove with a sauce pan or even just a pot. I found having the pot or saucepan already warm helps the process along. Once the berries are in there i add the juice from lemon and the sugar. I mix it all together and let it boil. I then keep checking and stirinf ans mashing bigger chunks down and i do this until it thickens or reaches 220 degrees or close to it. After that i put in a jar and in cool water. From the water i put in in the fridge and let it thicken more. Usually within an hr its already to eat.
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