Being around cats while pregnant: should I avoid them

Being around cats (or other animals) is perfectly safe while pregnant, but their litter boxes can present a problem. It's called toxoplasmosis and can also be contracted from handling or consuming raw or undercooked meat and also from handling soil without gloves. So the litter box is not the only place that the bacteria is present.

Best practice is to get somebody else to handle the litter box while you're pregnant. But if that's not possible, wear a mask and gloves while changing the box, wear gloves if you're handling soil in the garden, and wash and cook meat thoroughly while pregnant.

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    I worked full time at an animal clinic when I was pregnant. And I wore gloves and a mask and I was fine. I even owned a cat at the time and changed his litter box constantly.
      8Theresa Gould
      I had heard at one point that if you had cats or had cats growing up that you were already exposed to toxoplasmosis so you were immune? Anyone else hear something like that?
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