Hello, my name is Emily.

Hello all, my name is Emily. I am on my first pregnancy and am 16 weeks pregnant. I actually was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions about at home jobs for mothers. See, me and my boyfriend cannot really afford childcare and if I can, I would like to be a stay at home mother. Any ideas or suggestions about at home jobs that any of you have used or have heard good things about? I would really appreciate the help. Thank you everyone.

Honestly, I am great with costumer service and administrative work. I am not great with sales but general costumer service I am. I also am a creative person and anything creative. I am a good planner and researcher so as an assistant for research I would be great at as well. Thanks for your help
    Thank you ladies. I really appreciate it
      Welcome to the site Emily! Here are a few more articles that have been posted here in the past regarding work from home jobs. I hope they help!

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