Symptoms of pregnancy in the first month

Missed period
Extreme tiredness (I'd fall asleep as early as 6pm!)
Breast tenderness
Depending on what pregnancy you are on, you may or may not experience twinges in your lower abs, as sign of stretching ligaments. I experienced them pretty early on, especially with later pregnancies.

I'm drawing a blank as to what other symptoms I experienced . Can you add to the list based on what you experienced?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    I think this sounds accurate to me. I was surprised that morning sickness did not set in this early for me, but that may not be true for all moms.
    8Theresa Gould
    I forgot the ever present nausea...don't know how but I did. I only ever threw up a couple of times, mostly when my tummy was empty.
      I believe this is all accurate . I remember abdominal cramps, breast tenderness and morning sickness early.
        Danielle Keltner
        Craving milk, allergic to celery (not kidding), Rash, Fever, Heavy Chest from bronchitis, and missed period.
          For me nausea, and excessive saliva, and spitting ewwweh...
            i only experienced missed period for my two kids, nevertheless i experienced morning sickness and cravings.. i guess it depends on the woman how .
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