Home Birth Story #3

My third birth story was very different from my first two. The first thing that was different was I agreed to have my midwife's assistant at my birth. I wouldn't do that again. Just because I labor much better without interference and extra people. The assistant was trying to get experience and she interfered far too much for my liking or comfort. I believe my labor stalled in part because she was constantly checking me with internals. I finally had to tell her to stop and my midwife had to back me up. :(

If I remember correctly without looking back at journals, my water broke so the assistant and midwife came pretty early. I was awake half the night. I labored most of the day. Laying down, resting or kneeling at my bedside. No really strong contractions to speak of. The midwife and her assistant were pretty much present much of the time. Labor was stop and go, stop and go, which is pretty normal form me weeks BEFORE giving birth. My midwife gave me a homeopathic, can't remember the name of it right now, to see if it would jumpstart labor and I think it worked or baby was just finally ready to come because about an hour or hour and a half after that baby came at 4 or 4:30pm. I think I was in labor for 12-24 hours - too long in my book for my eighth child!

He was born with a head FULL of dark hair. The most hair of all my babies. He never lost any of it and had to have a few hair trims his first year. He was my largest baby at 9 lbs 10 oz.

Everything was fine and he nursed like a champ. I did have some nursing issues with my last child due to scar tissue built up in my nipples which caused pain every time I nursed. I saw a lactation consultant about a month postpartum and she suggested taking a needle to break the scar tissue....I couldn't do it! So I endured the pain for 2.5 years....the things we do for our children, eh?

While my last birth wasn't as peaceful or as fast as my other births, I was still happy to have him at home, shower at home and be at home resting and surrounded by my family.

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