Article: Men and Pregnancy

This article was a good read with some valid points. I agree that husbands are pregnant along with women. We often said "we" while I was pregnant. In my later pregnancies my husband had empathy symptoms like cravings and tiredness. I also agree that some men start to bond with baby during pregnancy, my hubby did. He would rub my belly and talk to the baby. As awkward as he felt with our first child, he took to fatherhood like a duck takes to water. The monogamy hormone seems to ring true for my husband too because he eventually gave up watching sports and even playing basketball to stay home and help me as our family grew. In both bouts of unemployment my husband desired to find a way to keep staying at home. He loves to be with us. For that I am grateful, others may have ran by now!

What did you take from the article that rings true for your SO?…

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    Whenever i gained weight so did my BF
      I never said 'we' were pregnant because only women get pregnant, but I know what you mean haha. We did always say 'we're' having a baby, because to us it was more true. And he definitely bonded with Lucas; talking to my tummy and rubbing it for me, feeling all his kicking. :D
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