First time in a long time

So as you all know my kids are extreamly hyper and no matter what i cant get them to calm down before bedtime even with out bed time routines. But i can honestly say for the first time in many months maybe a year one of them was exhausted and the other one was overtired and one passed out drinking his bottle.
Haiden had a rough night last night. He was up until at least 9pm from what i could hear, and he was up before 7am playing in his room. He had to get ready for summer school for half the day, and he had swim lessons. Plus i made him stay outside for an hr before nap, and after nap he was outside from 3pm-5pm even though he wanted to come in after an hr. He also had to walk with us to logans swim lessons and he had to walk back. He cleaned up the yard too. He was exhausted for the first time he just laid on my husband not talking or moving. I tucked him in at 8pm and he laid right down without fighting me.
Logan was also tired but he was so overtired that he was cranky and just not listening. He did fight me for bedtime but i won.
And vince was just so tired that after bath as he was drinking his bottle he was passed out. He didnt even wake when i laid him in bed.

So for the first time in a long time i had an easy bed time with the kids.

    That is how I have to get Tristen to sleep. I just wear him out. Sometimes we just run around the house until he looks like he's ready for bed. Good job wearing them out. Boys need lots of exercise and play time to get the energy out :-)
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