every child is different and we all parent differently

My daughter is 1 and is a pretty smart little girl. She follows her brother around every where and that even means the corner. She sees brother do something he isnt suppose to and ends up in the corner and usually follows him there on her own even though she generally isnt in trouble. However, I dont think its too early to put her in time out if she does something she shouldnt simply because she is learning In my opinion if i make the impression that she wont get in trouble now how do i expect her to know as she continues to grow. I am not saying that she needs to be in the corner for minutes and minutes obviously a 1yr old isnt going to "stay" in the corner but she understands when i say corner i mean corner and she will go stand in the corner like she sees brother do on occasion. Obviously everyone parents differently and each child is different. For our family corner generally works and even the little one goes in corner on occasion. Do what works best for you and your family but dont expect a 1yr old to actually stay for more than 10 secs lol.

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