Safety tips for children swimming in pool!

NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!! I can not stress that enough. Never!!!! Lucas just had his first experience in a pool and it was fantastic. Someone ALWAYS had their hands on him; me, my mom or my dad. ALWAYS!!! We only dipped him in about half way; to his belly button and had a good secure hold on him.

Other precautions were a life guard there too. Plus sunscreen and a hat to protect his baby skin.

But most important is NEVER LET GO and NEVER GO TOO DEEP!!!

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      A few weeks ago my sister and I took our kids over to my cousin pool and my 4 year niece didn't have a floating thing on it was in the water so my niece was standing on the stairs but she end up slipping off the step thank God I seen her she was reaching for the floaty and end up under the water I just jumped in even if it was 3 feet. I'm 28 weeks pregnant and I didn't think twice like can I jump while I'm pregnant lol. I'm always nervous when it comes to kids and water. I told my kids they can't go to any pool without me or my husband. I feel like no one is going to watch them like me.
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