My son, in Grade 4, is starting to bring things home from school before the school year ends. I found this gem in his schoolbag, called Kidspiration, where you had to talk about somebody that inspired you (spelling mistakes included): "My mom is exceptional because she cares and makes me feel better when I am sad or worryed. She also sometimes helps me fall asleep." And then he drew stick figures of me and him together. Awww....

    Yes, ladies, that made my morning! Maybe even my week...And to think that he wasn't even planning to show it to me. In a way, that makes it more special b/c he didn't make it to give to me - where you'd expect compliments - but just wrote about me to his teacher. And, yes, Laura, I keep/frame/hang up all of these types of things. I don't keep all the kids' artwork anymore, but I do keep all their notes and anything that I feel really represents their personality.
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