Found my husband a tad rude this morning this morning

So this morning my husband woke up and got ready for work. He put his contacts in, ate breakfast, left our bedroom light on while i try to sleep. He comes in and said why didnt u wash my dress shirts for work. May i remind u he gets in this picky mood sometimes and only wants specfic shirts. He can wear nice blue button downs, or dark blue polo shirts with jeans or kaki pants. He had a nice long sleeve button down shirt i hung up along with two polo shirts that i hung up after i washed them yestersay. I told him i didnt get to the handwashables yesterday and i was sorry. He then is yelling at me saying it was an important day and he needs it and i should kf washed it and that it dont take long to do laundry.
I told him i cleaned bedsheets, laundry and it took half the day, plus i steam vaccumed the kids rooms. I said i am sorry i didnt get to the shirts he wanted done.
He then wore the long sleeve shirt, demanded i feed the animals so i had to get up. Just when i lay back down to try to rest for 10mins vince was crying so i ended up getting up and making him a bottle.
He also came back in our room, gives me a kiss and says thank you. Still cant figure out why he said thank you.

To top my morning off haiden and logan who woke up earlier again was in a bad mood. They ate breakfast and i asked them to go sit nice in the living room until we leave for summer school. They go in and right away a fight starts and haiden pushing logan and logan screaming at the top of his lungs. I go in and i lost it as its every day. I told both to sit down on couch and said what did i ask u to do. Haiden said to go sit down nicely and i said yes and what did u two do. He said fight. I then looked at haiden and said i am sick of you constantly hurting logan, but treating vincent nice. Some day logan will pick up on it and or cant take the abuse he gets from haiden that he wont want to live with us, and it scares me. We then walked to summer school.
I came home and now i feel a little better

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