Head Injuries

What we were told after a scary incident with my niece, if they hit their head and a bump comes out, all you have to do is keep an eye out for a concussion. If you cannot see or feel a bump, it means the bump went in and could press on their brain-ER NOW.
Signs of a concussion include loss of balance, sick feeling, blurry vision, persistent dizziness, dilated pupils or just one pupil.
A good thing to remember, if you get a cut on the head, elbow-any place where's there's not a lot of fat between skin and bone, it will bleed more. A lot of blood does not necessarily mean a bad injury. Keep calm and assess. If you clean it and the blood does not stop flowing after pressure is applied, a trip to the doctor's office would be in order for more expertise medical car-unless of course you just want to use super glue. (I'm only halfway kidding) Salt is a good blood clotter, too. Stings like heck, but it works. The more you stress, the more the child will stress and make everything worse.

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    I wasn't either until my niece fell off the stairs onto a cement floor... That was 10 years ago.. I will never forget what the doctor said. We didn't have a car so called the paremedics. They came and looked at her and said there shouldn't be any danger, but take her to her regular doctor on Monday (this was a Saturday), gave us the list of concussion symptoms and left it up to us to take her in if wanted.
      This is great information! Even knowing this, it's hard to remember when your little one faceplants and either bleeds like crazy or gets a huge knot on their head!
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        Another sign of a concussion is garbled speech. Our daughter spoke incoherently when she had a concussion. :( It was rather scary and we watched her like a hawk for the first 24-48 hours.
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