Quality Time or Quantity Time?

I have been on third shift for almost four years now, but made the decision to go to second a few months ago. Recently all I have heard is how I will never see my kids, but... I don't see them much now with the hours that I work. Commuting two hours a day, seven days a week and tons of twelve hour days doesn't leave much of me for the kids. When I am home I am so tired that I am almost not functional. Second would cut my hours and give me weekends. I have more time with them (especially with school being out!) and I have QUALITY time with them where we can make real memories. I am tired of being a ghost in my own house! Doing what works best for you doesn't always make sense to everyone else!

    So glad you are getting a better schedule! I'm sure you and the kids will have lots of fun with your quality time :)
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