Babies shouldn't be born with a job

I don't agree that having a baby will help your marriage. Babies shouldn't be born with such responsibility. A baby might help distract you from your marital problems but ultimately, it's a stress that you can't afford when you have relationship issues.

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    I agree. A baby should never be had in an attempt to save a Marriage or keep a relationship. It maybe a short term fix or bandage. In the long run it could even make things worse.
      I agree. Having a baby is a lot of work and stressful. If you have a bad relationship and aren't on the same page relationship wise how can you be on the same page as parents. It will only hurt the baby in the long run if things don't work out. Plus babies can sense tension and know when things aren't okay. If you are still fighting a lot they baby will be exposed to that.
        Totally agree. If anything, I think a baby will probably hurt a marriage that is already on the rocks. Having a baby adds a ton of stress and uncertainty to your life. Either of those things are a bad thing to add into an unhealthy marriage.
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